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Dating A Married Man

By: Jenn Malko

As far as bad ideas go, dating a married man is one of the worst. You found him on Ashley Madison, didn’t you? First off, he’s already proven that he can’t hold a commitment and you deserve a guy who has a strong sense of responsibility—one that isn’t married. Secondly, you could be in for a long and painful ride, even if you do get the guy in the end. The only way this can be any good is if you’re just using him for fun and adventure. If this is the case, you both could be perfect for each other.

Dating a married man who has already promised to spend his life with someone else says that he can’t be trusted. When your heart is on your sleeve, your soul out in the open and bare for all to see, this situation can almost certainly spell disaster. A married man who cheats on his wife is capable of just about anything. He’s proven he can’t keep promises. It shows you that he knows how to mislead and lie. It also says that he is only looking out for himself. Is this a man you want to bring into your life? In case you missed it, the correct answer is no.

"Making a relationship work that has been born out of adultery is a miracle—sort of like winning the lottery."

You are going to have to be prepared to wait a long time before this married man becomes available. Marriage tangles lives, weaving them together in a chaotic pattern that may never be fully unraveled. Are you willing to wait while each knot is untied? Can you suffer the pain of sharing him as the days, months or years stretch on? Dating a married man can mean a period of heartache and pain that could very well infect your very soul and poison the life you hope to lead.

If this married guy is nothing but a fun way to kill some time, then we say you’re on your own. We’ll overlook the fact that there’s a wife somewhere who’s being lied to and humiliated. We won’t mention the chance that you could be helping to destroy not just a relationship, but a family. And we won’t touch on the fact that our self-centered approach could say something that is less-than-inspiring about your personality. What we will say is good luck and we hope you can sleep soundly at night with your decisions.

Dating a married man is a terrible idea. It can only bring pain, heartache and disappointment. Making a relationship work that has been born out of adultery is a miracle—sort of like winning the lottery. If you’re willing to play the game, then you take on the possibility of coming up busted and broken. But hey, all the best to you and your adventures with married men!

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Comments by: ma
I think that its not easy but if both people really want to be together nothing will stand in thier way. I agree that excuses will be made but everything has a solution if both partners work together and do things right.

Comments by: VALERIA
i m 18 and i m dating a married guy whos 28 i love him i know its wrong but when i try to break up with him its too hard for me i ve had a lot of problems for that relationship but i don t stop looking for him i lie too much to go see him and i don t know what to do.

Comments by: andrea
i met a guy, we started dating.. but i caught him in a lie. turns out he was half way married to a lady 6 years older than him. im 19, hes 22, and shes 26 or 27. i fell for him, the ache was so bad. he moved to texas, alone. and now hes back, we started seeing eachother again. little did i know he was seeing her too. i jut saw it on fb, their littl profile together when we just had a crazy nite.

Comments by: Joline
He was seperated when we met through a dating agency, he had been seperated for 1yr and was living alone. 3 weeks after we met he told me that his wife was expecting & due to have the baby in 2 weeks time and he was moving back home because of the I said good bye straight away, he then tried to make me feel guilty by saying I did nt really care about him because I was ending it.

Comments by: Larissa
Most married men initiate contact with other women. Rather than focus on the negative what are the positives of dating a married man. Maybe, he will become closer to his wife and family as a result.

Comments by: la
I ve been in a relationship with a married man for almost 4 years. The holidays came and he was with his family I was by myself. The day after he finally has time for me,but He s like Do I want To see him> I m like I don t know.He goes to work,but then he finds out,he does not have to work. He calls me and says what are U doing today? I tell him I m going to be busy. He gets upset tells me Oh I h

Comments by: j
You will orever be together for as long as the wife bac home never gets to know. Honestly there is something about married men! If you are not yet into it,don t even think about it. Its pain and disaster!!

Comments by: L
Hi, I am 42 and i have been dating married man all my life. my longest affair was 10 years with somebody 15 years older. it was love and has left me shattered i have to admit, but relationships with single guys also can leave you shattered. I dont care about wifes of my lovers as they are themself responcible for flaws in their own marriges and they normally compromise for a good reason.

Comments by: a c
I just ended a 2 year affair with a married man.He was everything i ever wanted in a man n i loved him very much and he allways told me loved me. Its very painful to give him up but in the end i know did the right thing . I just hope my hart will beleave me someday

Comments by: c
I ve been having an affair for six months with a married man that is 22 years my senior. He seperated from his wife, got us an apartment and before I could move in, he called me up and ended everything. He told me he is going back to his wife because of his children who are all grown and out of the house. It is so painful to be in love with a married/seperated man.