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Dating A Married Woman

By: Jenn Malko

Dating Maried WomenDating a married woman is not recommended—at least not if your heart is involved. How did you ever get into a position like this? Were you trolling for connections on Ashley Madison again? Love is one of the strongest emotions and connecting yourself with someone who may never be yours is a recipe for disaster. Even if there is a long-term chance that you can date the married woman of your dreams, the fact that she’s cheating on her husband should say something about her character. On the other hand, if you’re doing it for fun and adventure, you might get more than you bargained for. Whatever the case, bulletproof jackets are advised.

Most would like to think that love is a gray area, but it shouldn’t be for a married woman. The fine lady has already said, “Till death do us part,” to some other poor bloke. That’s a huge commitment. Although she might say that she is yours, the truth may be far different. Are you willing to wait while she slides back and forth between beds? How long before the lies she tells on his side of the fence start to influence the paranoia on your side? There’s a difference between right and wrong. A grown woman should know this. Look for a definitive choice if your heart is involved because love that involves you should be black and white.

"...the truth remains that she is cheating on someone."

The fact that a married woman is dating you should say something about her. Okay, she has finally been struck with good taste—that much we know! But beyond that, past the tender looks and soft kisses, the truth remains that she is cheating on someone. But this just isn’t any someone, now is it. This is her husband. This is the guy she stood at the altar with and made the most serious promise a person can make to another. If she treats him with this much disrespect, how can you ever feel secure in any type of relationship with her?

We have to give a nod to the possibility that this is all just fun and games for you and that your heart may be on vacation somewhere else while your dating this married woman. If this is the case, my hands are tied. I want the best for you, if only because you’re reading this article, so I won’t mention anything about adultery being cheap, slimy or it being a reflection on your character. After all, I’d hate to offend! My belief is that you can do anything in life as long as nobody gets hurt. If your married girlfriend’s husband doesn’t find out, then you get off on a technicality. However, in case he does find out, we suggest you hire some bodyguards or take up running.

Dating a married woman is a dangerous game to play at a level where games shouldn’t exist. If Ican’t dissuade you from the course, then I would like to wish you the best of luck. It can be dangerous dating a married woman so make sure you go into it with your eyes and ears wide open.

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Comments by: Brooke
I was involved with a married women and her husband found out and kicked her out she came to live with me. She has 3 kids and had always said how important they were to her but i have found out during this whole 8 months i was with this women that she had done this before to her family. Today i feel really bad for the whole family they are working on things good Luck to her husband

Comments by: William macdonald
Never, never date a married woman. They are untrustworthy and unreliable players who will discard you as soon as they have ripped out your heart. Been there done that

Comments by: Elliott
I just have to say one thing , dating a married woman is a game where people get hurt , family get destroyed and you can lose your life over it , not worth it my Friend

Comments by: Fred
My wife is cheating on me and she is sleeping with a married man also . I am so jealous .i want revege , I don t do it because I don t want to go to jail. Plus I have a daughter to raise . Don t get involved with a married person , very dangerous .

Comments by: ronny
Sounds like a recipe for disaster.You re either going to be a homewrecker or end up w/ a woman who is a cheater.Or have a crazy husband after you.These all sound like losing deals.Not worth the reward. .Back off completely ,too many single girls out there.Why seek out drama when it comes to your love life? to end up w/a cheater? Wake up fool!!

Comments by: ray
I don t understand why you would want to entertain a losing proposition.Messing w/ another mans wife is a good way to get beat up or shot.What the f- is wrong w/ you dude.Best spend your time w/ a single woman.One that doesn t have a jealous psycho husband willing to go after you.No husband wants some punk ass idiot messing w/his wife,Think twice dude,not worth the risk..that s the bottom line...

Comments by: rod
You re playing w/ fire dude.Are willing to risk getting stabbed or beat up over another mans wife?Are you stupid and that desperate for drama?You re walking on thin ice man.Wake up and high tail the situation.Too risky.You re going to get your heart broken or nose.Get outta this scene

Comments by: ralph
Don t waste your precious time on another mans woman.She s just using you for whatever she s lacking in her f -ed up marriage.I wouldn t get involved w/ that messy situation.If she really likes you she ll get out of her marriage if it s that far gone and then get a hold of you ,when she s ready to start a new relationship.That should be the only way.Meanwhile move on to single women better bet.

Comments by: roy
Why anyone would risk their life to get a piece of @ss is beyond me.There are thousands of single girls out there.You can t meet even one?Instead you ll fool around w/ someone s wife and ruin their marriage.You deserve what you get if you get caught knowing she s married.Just avoid the whole situation and you ll live a longer life.Besides you re letting her have her cake and eat it.Just Don t...

Comments by: ron
Your article is so true.Every man knows messing w/another mans wife is grounds for being shot or hospitalized no doubt.You re lucky if your heart is the only thing broken.Can very well be your nose,arm or legs.Best to leave attatched people ALONE.That s a no brainer.The married person is only USING you to satisfy what they are lacking in their marriage