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Dating Etiquette: Good Manners for Men and Women

By: Jenn Malko

Dating Etiquette: Good Manners for Men and WomenDating etiquette has no hard and fast rules but what we’ve done is set some out for you anyways. If you follow the plan below, we guarantee that if you don’t get a second date, it’s simply because they’re not interested in you and not because you behaved inappropriately. Not quite as comforting as you’d like us to be? Okay, we’re sorry. When we do something wrong we apologize. That’s just good dating manners and proper etiquette, after all, and that’s why you’re reading this, right?

The guidelines set out below will help build comfort between you and your date and that’s integral to moving any relationship forward.

No rides on the first date. You never know who you’re going to meet. To avoid any uncomfortable situations, agree on a meeting place. If they don’t have access to transportation, offer to meet them near their home, but not at it.

Have coin for coffee. If you’re the man you should always pay on the first date so keeping it simple is essential to an active dating schedule!

Sleep the night before. Sleep a lot. You need to be energetic and on your game and droopy eyes and yawning while you chat gives the wrong impression.

Always arrive early. Aim for at least 15 minutes before the date is to begin. That will give you time to find a good seat and get comfortable and relaxed. There’s nothing worse than being inconsiderate on your first date. Making people wait is rude.

If you’re going to be late, make sure to call. Dating needs to be as planned as well as the most important events of your life. You don’t want to let Mister or Misses Right slip through your fingers because you ran late buttering your toast.

Get engaged. No, not like that – at least never on the first date! Eye contact is key. If you’re looking around the room, scoping the cute guy/girl in the corner or blankly gazing at a spot on her shirt where her breasts happen to be, you’re saying something to the person across from you – and it’s not something good! Eye contact can be scary at first, but with practice you can improve and your date will be appreciative that you’ve tuned in.

Make sure conversation is going both ways. You need to be as interested in them as you are yourself. If you’re the shy type, make sure to think of stories beforehand so that your date isn’t expected to carry the conversation. Dates are like relationships: they’re all about balance.

Honestly, honesty is the best policy. It’s the only policy, really. You’re trying to build a relationship and it needs to be built on truth.

Sex, politics, money and religion are off the discussion list, for sure. There’re no better ways to ruin chances of a second date than to argue, get too personal or sound perverted on the first. However, if you’re looking for an early out, you can always use them to ensure the date ends quickly!

Always be polite. If things start going badly, let them know that things just aren’t working out. Always leave on good terms as you never know where these people will pop up down the line.

A peck on the cheek is the most you should even consider expecting at the end of a date, and only if they kiss you. Second dates are a different story, but you’re not there yet!

That’s it, that’s all! You’re armed and ready to march into the world of dating with good manners as your guide. You’ll never have to worry about turning off your date because of poor etiquette any more. Now all the pressure is where it should be: on your ability to charm! Good luck!

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Comments by: mary
So how much time should a date call ahead and ask you out?

Comments by: smith
It sounds ok,its mostly good manners that should have been taught at home.But,it makes sense,mostly.

Comments by: Lea barrameda
this is very nice term or information to know what really mean of Dating Etiqueete or Dating Manners

Comments by: super ayub
1=good manners means pure love till death,with dr.victoria z,only. 2=heart to heart sipiritul feelings, 3=trust in every way of life.

Comments by: TAKIME CHOO

Comments by: Scip
Here s your litmus test, Bob. Would it upset your girlfriend to find out that you were dating another woman without her knowledge? Please find a booked titled The Ethical Slut, in good bookstores and some adult stores everywhere - I believe the information will assist you.

Comments by: Bob
Im dating and am intimate with one women we both are not interested in getting married Id like to have sex with a second woman Im friendly with am I obligated to tell the first women since my plan is to date them both seperatly

Comments by: A Princess I am 4 Sure.
I think Billy will never get dates, interest, or even a conversation from a woman who s worth anything. I do believe that these are great dateing tips and if anyone wants to stay around the person they dated they should use proper etiquette. Although I will challenge a person and discuss politics and religion, sex is completely out of the question. U R AN ASSHOLE 2 D 5TH power BILLY

Comments by: Grant KTM boy
The advice is good. As long as you treat the woman the way you feel is right, you cant really go wrong. I say let her pay for the movie on the second date, not that big a deal.?

Comments by: zH eRed
after the good conversation whats next??