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Advice: Dating an Older Man

By: Jenn Malko

Dating Older ManIf Mrs. Robinson was out with the freshman, who was Mr. Robinson with? Obviously, if you’re looking for advice about dating an older man, you have some idea of the possibilities. The younger woman / older man combination is a classic. And now, with the help of online dating sites, it’s easier to reach out and touch a man more attune to your desires. I hate to generalize, but that’s what this article is about. Take these words with a grain of salt, and open your mind to the possibility of dating an older man.

It can be easy to see why some women prefer to date older men. Younger guys are just coming into their own, unsure and uncertain about life, despite how much they swear they’re not. They can be inexperienced in the bedroom and hungry to put notches in their belt, some with little regard to any relationships they’re currently entertaining. Career paths aren’t as defined, nor their bank accounts. Dating a younger man has drawbacks that many older men don’t share.

Dating an older man comes with benefits. Maturity is certainly one of the biggest and more obvious factors. Mature men tend to know themselves a little better than younger boys. They typically aren’t as sexually motivated, either, but that doesn’t mean lovemaking suffers. They can be mature between the sheets, too, knowing more and taking a different approach to pleasure. Older men are more established and farther along in their careers, and security is a nice benefit of tying yourself to a steady life. If you find the right older man, a big helping of bliss could be in your future!

"They typically aren’t as sexually motivated, either, but that doesn’t mean lovemaking suffers."

So, now that you’ve set your sites on dating an older man, it's now a question of where and how to find them. You can wander down to any local pub and announce that you’re looking for a mature man. I can just hear the bar stools creaking as they’re pushed back and a fine group of heavy-set, 30 to 50-year-olds come waddling your way. Hey, even Herbert’s there and he’s 78! Not quite what you were thinking? No worries. We have online dating!

If you’re looking for a really older man, you might want to consider sites that specifically speak to a target demographic. In our Seniors Dating section, there are a couple of choices to consider. Having surfed the sites myself, I know that not every man on there belongs in the age category, so you could find someone you like even if you are aiming a little lower on the age scale. Otherwise, just about any dating site will do. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a man who won’t consider going out with a younger woman but you’ll want to make sure your lines of communication are open just the same. That means be open about what you’re looking for and hopefully they’ll be honest with you. In the end, a cup of coffee and some decent conversation never killed anyone, so what do you have to lose?

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Comments by: MARIA
I have been dating this guy for five years,he is 50 and Im 35. The secret to our relationship is that I try not to spend too much time with him Im always in control. He has to see me only when I say so not when he wanted. That makes him so mad but has always worked and when we do see each other even sex is always like our firts time. He calls me every day I only call him like once a week .

Comments by: Antonia
I dated and married my husband who is 25 years older than me when I was 24..We have just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary with our two chidren, one who is about to marry a guy 12 years her senior..It s not about the age difference..Its about how you connect and love each other..We are still so much in love and we can t imagine our life without each other..

Comments by: ladylinda559
I m 39 and my boyfriend is 67 years old. He works everyday from 6am. to 5pm. He is so sweet and kind to me in everyway. He treats me like a queen and I love him for loving me. and I hope we will be together for a long time.

Comments by: Malga
Question for Dallas Marie. I started dating a guy 20yr older as well. he has 4 great daugthers and he is an amazing man, friend and a lover. Yet my friends, my age, feel weird around him. Dallas Marie - how do society view you. I am 27 he is 47. I am not worried but sometimes it gets to me.

Comments by: joy
Hello My Dear, how are you today i hope that every things is ok with you as it is my great pleassure to contact you in having communication with you, please i wish you will have the desire with me so that we can get to know each other better and see what will happened in future.i will be very happy if you can write me through my email for easiest communication and to know all about each other,

Comments by: marie
i m 28 and my ex boyfriend is 40. we dated for 5 years. and broke up 4 mths ago. he loves but not in love. he want to work it out now he says he s unavailable. what can i do to get back together with him?

Comments by: larettamaria
This article is more than approiate. I am 25, dating a man that is 41. We have amazing chemistry. When both parties are adults, age is nothing but a number.

Comments by: JGurl
My boyfriend is 37 and has a son and we get along very very well and we ve together for years <3

Comments by: Catie
I m 19 and`my boyfriend is 30, he is amazing and i wouldn t change it for anything. I would have to say though the only thing we ve had issues with is we differ quite a bit with our energy levels. It all evens out in the end he keeps me level headed and on track with my commitments, and i help infuse a little excitement and spontanaeity in his life. if it works, it works. :]

Comments by: Dallas Marie
I m 24 & my BF is 44.I have never been happier!He s in the army and takes really good care of himself(physically,mentally, finan
cially).He has been married and has 3 kids(im only 6 yrs older than the eldest).He provides so much for me & I cld never imagine dating a younger guy again.Were even going to start grad school 2gether.Im glad that he has already lived his life so now he can focus on min