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Discreet Relationships

By: Jenn Malko

Discreet Dating AdviceThere are times when discreet relationships become a must. If you’re seriously considering a discreet dating encounter, there are a number of things that you’ll need to keep in mind that regular relationships do not have to deal with. The dubious nature and limitations to dating often bring about higher expectations. It will take a commitment and effort from both sides to ensure success, but with a little bit of energy, you should be able to manage this less-than-perfect relationship.

An inconspicuous approach to dating can be caused by many reasons, although it’s usually infidelity that comes to mind when “discreet relationships” are the topic of conversation. Other reasons for prudent partnering could involve a company executive dating a coworker, a single parent not wishing to involve a family, a relationship where social groups would frown on intermingling or a relationship that stands outside of the traditional values of society. There are numerous reasons why discreet relationships could and should exist outside the realm of extramarital affairs. Yet no matter the cause, the result is a relationship that takes special care to nurture.

Discreet relationships are born out of respect. As mentioned above, situations where tactful encounters are a must can fit many different moulds. But discreet dating comes from one or all parties requiring behavior from another that is outside of what we commonly view as normal dating conduct. If you’re entering into a relationship like this, you and your partner will have to have a clear understanding of why the situation is the way that it is. Not only that, but everyone will have to appreciate it based on its limitations right from the start. Only through a complete understanding and the desire to respect each other’s needs can any type of relationship like this work.

"There are strains put on relationships of this type that aren’t apparent in others. "

Communication is a cornerstone to any relationship and discreet dating is no exception. There are strains put on relationships of this type that aren’t apparent in others. It can take constant attention to the needs of the relationship to make it work. The best way to do this is to ensure that the lines of communication are open and that you are constantly interacting and discussing the situation. An open exchange of feelings and ideas will help ensure your discreet dating adventure grows to its full potential.

What is a relationship without trust? Trust will be a sticking point for most discreet relationships. The need for secrecy on one hand leads to dishonesty with someone on another. They’re inextricably tied. The uphill battle begins and the parties have to really work on ensuring that their trust needs are met. Building a strong relationship under these circumstances is tricky at best, but if you must date discreetly, ensure you spend the time building a bond so everyone feels secure.

Discreet relationships are not an ideal situation to be seeking. They will weigh heavily on the mind and make demands on a relationship that love should never require. If a discreet dating scenario is in your future, try and keep in mind that it will take work and commitment for it to succeed. Be open and forthcoming with all that you require and you’ll be on your way to building a better, brighter relationship!

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Me and my partner have had two major break ups, both that ltased around a month. Together for 7 years, things went downhill, (or 7 year itch lol) and we separated. Found our way back only to separate again a year or two later. The second time apart we both grew and learned more about ourselves.It s been four years since then and looking back, the separation we did have was necessary for our relationship

Comments by: keemaya
Discreet relationship is the relation which was kept secretly from the public but this can be done only if both of them have good understanding and respect for their relation. other wise this type of relationship will only give you pain and nothing else.

Comments by: daniel
Hi, Enjoyed your good advice. You give me a great insight to what each person needs to do inorder for this special relationship to work.