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Fake Profiles

By: Jenn Malko

Fake ProfilesFake Profiles are the scourge of the online dating world. These are the “filler” people that dating sites often include on their site to skew the membership numbers and attract more people. If you’ve ever seen a dating site launch that somehow has thousands of members, you begin to understand where the problem begins. Some may consider this to be a harmless practice—one of the necessary requirements to building an online dating community. Yet it becomes very easy to see how companies could turn a benign act of membership padding into an aggressive and mischievous money grab from would-be members.

You need not look far for evidence that fake profiles exist. You can run Google searches for companies selling dating software and you'll see that some come complete with members already installed. Employees of certain dating sites admitted to me that they had thousands of fake profiles when they started. Once you get your head around how the game is played, you can be a smarter, savvier dating consumer.

"The last thing anyone wants to do is drop money on a fake profile."

It would be nice to say that fake profiles are easy to spot – but they’re not. They can come complete with an articulately worded essay, a whole list of hobbies and accomplishments, a flirtatious tag line and even a quality picture in their profile. If you don’t have a picture up or haven’t really said anything in your profile of interest and you’re getting emails asking you to pay to communicate with someone, I’d be very leery. Mind you, I believe that men and women are very different. A woman is more likely to be approached by a man even without a photo than a man is by a woman. It’s just the way our world works. If this is the case, I’d say that worry about fake profiles is secondary to the danger of going out with a man who is grasping at profiles without pictures on dating sites. There just aren’t many decent people around who are willing to take such a shot in the dark. If you have a picture up or have really written something witty, then maybe it will be a bit more difficult to tell the real profiles from the fake ones. But if you are a guy and all you have is text in your profile and no picture, watch out because you might soon see what fake profiles are all about.

The last thing anyone wants to do is drop money on a fake profile. This isn’t always easy to avoid. There are generally two different kinds of payment systems that are used on dating sites today: paid monthly membership and credit-based systems. The most popular by far is a set monthly fee where you can contact unlimited members during the duration. This system has its pros and cons. If a fake profile contacts you and wants you to pay to contact them, it’s a one-shot deal. The down side is that you pay the piper a large set fee and they play your song for a month. The up side is that you can then go crazy and contact anyone you want during that time, real and fake profiles included. With a credit-based system, it can be harder to hold on to your money. Fake profiles from aggressive companies could continually bombard you with requests to chat, and if you’re willing, you could spend an endless amount of money talking with hired help as opposed to possible connections. One way to get around this is to be selective. If someone hits you up to chat, never, ever pay, no matter how cute they are. You’re worth the $2 or whatever it costs to chat so let them pay to talk to you. Avoiding fake profiles in their entirety might be next to impossible, but the good news is that there’re sites out there that really can connect you with living, breathing people in your area.

Online dating is fun, exciting and allows you can connect with people in your area that you'd never meet otherwise. You shouldn’t be frightened away by the possibility of fake profiles—just be aware. Start by joining some of the more reputable sites or by asking friends which ones they’ve had success on. Although fame and fortune aren’t always the best ways to make decisions when it comes to dating, certain sites are doing it right. Read the reviews here on Cupids Reviews for some of our top picks and best of luck keeping those fake profiles at bay!

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Comments by: Dave
I have came across a few sites where basically all the women on there are from the same town or the same two towns and are usually located 100+ miles away or nowhere near your location or area and usually always are listed in centralized metropolitan areas or in an area where the population is not that big. I believe sites like that to be mainly fake or hyped profiles even though the women appear to be real

Comments by: homero
thank you i am a male and yes it s depressing i had fun but its going to have to be real and to me it s easy they talk and then live you alone to see what you do all fake any way had fun.

Comments by: Mate 1 = SCAM
Mate 1 is fake for sure. It has so many scammers from Nigeria.Ghana fishing for your information. All these poor bastards sitting in an internaet cafe waiting to scam you. Also so many fake camera chicks who wants to keep you talking. Also ,True website are scammers.

Comments by: Jay
Great job, keep up the good work Educate and common sence.Listen up guys,there out there but be patient,think with the right head OK.

Comments by: tom
Ya I thought something was suspicious. Cus I ve bn on the site 4 2 yrs. I hve met some interesting girls on there so I thought. Then I would never here frm them again. I ve paid my money and I still haven t met anyone. I think ill just find another site tht is legit. Cus I m not going to keep paying my money out on a scam. They should be ashame of there selfs. I m glad I found out its fake

Comments by: heyheyhey
Definitely concur with the posters that busted on Amateurmatch and Horny Match and Yahoo..add in LoveSexy and Sexsearch and Mate 1 and Wild Match and Blackbook and Fling as well..I got punked by ALL of them!

Comments by: letsdothis03
I have been a victim many times of these fake profiles and not finding out till i joined. So i started my own dating/ online commumity at No fake profiles here

Comments by: indianman
Great article. Everytime I sign up to these dating sites, even before I upload a picture I recieve email notifications informing me of woman who have contacted me. When I try to read their emails, I have to pay the subscription. Joke.

Comments by: Jollysmile
giorgiogr2002 is active in several sites but he is totally fake

Comments by: HornyMatches is mostly fake,
Prior to signing as a paid member with Hornymatches i received numerous messages from other ladies ... stangely though, once i signed up as a paid member and responded to them, NEVER RECEIVED A REPLY. They use women as baits to get u. They should be investigated for possible FRAUD!!!