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Perfect First Date Gifts

By: Jenn Malko

First Date GiftsYour first date is your second chance at a first impression so it makes sense to want to do something that stands out. The easiest thing to do is to look to your wallet. After all, not having previous encounters of the dating kind with this person leaves you a little short on gifts and tokens with sentiment. There are a number of common gifts that will do the trick. All you’re aiming for is to impress upon them that you’re thinking about them and leave them with a little something to remember you by after the date is over. Here are a few common first date gifts to get you started.

Flowers are a traditional first date gift and very fitting for the occasion. We know you’re already calculating the price of a dozen long-stem roses, but perhaps you should think twice. Roses are fantastic flowers and very symbolic of love, but this is a first date. You want to make the right first impression. You want to say, ‘I like you and I want to get to know you better,’ and not ‘I’m madly in love with you. Can I have your hand in marriage’? You don’t want to come on too strong and roses might be considered a little over the top. All you need do is look to any flower shop and you’ll see the wide array of options that are available. One idea is to stop in and ask the florist what they recommend. After all, they’re cutting first date flowers all the time! Otherwise, you can look to some of the more popular flowers for romance, such as the orchid, daisy, lily or lilac. Ideally, when you give flowers, it’s important that they have meaning. On a first date, you’re not likely to share any special botanical connection with your company. However, when you’re three years into a relationship and at a special restaurant and the waiter brings over a vase of white daisies, you’ll both be reminded of the magic created on that first date many years before.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The truth, though, is that we all appreciate a great taste sensation. It seem that chocolate ranks high on any list of private tasting pleasures. When it comes to romance, Valentines Day is the clear focal point of celebration, and what says I love you more than flowers and a box of chocolates? Just to clear the air, we’re not suggesting you ask your date to eat their flowers. We’re simply suggesting that chocolates are great first date gifts on any day of the year. You might not always get those tacky heart-shaped boxes, which is a godsend, but you can always find a nice package that should do the trick. If you’re not sure what to get, try a box of truffles. They are usually a couple of bucks apiece but don’t feel the need to blow your bank roll. All it takes is for one to melt in his or her mouth for that rich sugar rush of love to kick in!

"It should be noted that teddy bears might not be the best fist date gift if you’re over the age of 16."

What says warm and fuzzy love better than a plush teddy bear? Giving a gift like a stuffed toy on a first date is yet another common practice. Most gift shops carry them and they come in all shapes, manner of dress and even with various messages attached to them. Remember, this is a first date, so no ‘I love you’s’ or ‘I want to have your babies.’ Simple and cute is best. Depending on how well you know this person, you might be able to find something fitting that will hit the mark. Otherwise, it should be noted that teddy bears might not be the best fist date gift if you’re over the age of 16.

If you’re looking for something a little more fun for a gift on a first date, why not look to the sky? Balloons make fantastic gifts when you want to give something a little out of the ordinary. Any balloon or party shop should be stocked with hundreds of different choices. Balloons come with all kinds of messages on them and in a wide assortment of colors. You can get a whole whack of helium-filled balloons that are bound to make a big impression without sapping the wind out of your savings.

First dates are the perfect time to make an impression. Dating shouldn’t be about how expensive your gifts are. It’s about beginning to build something that lasts a lifetime. A small budget and a little bit of thought before will ensure your gift leaves a lasting memory of your first date for a long time to come.

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Comments by: Rob
Never give a woman flowers on a first date. Meet at parks, bookstores, cafes anywhere you don t have to spend money. She might not even be into. Don t try so hard men and women will like you more. Be less interested and litte bit of a bad boy.

Comments by: rashid
it is very nice article i like it i found info

Comments by: True Southern Gentleman
Always bring a lady flowers on the first date. I like to get three pink roses with a bit of baby s breath. It is usually under $8 and most of the ladies are quite flattered. Chivalry is a dying art but ladies still love it to no end and it works. BTW, I also pick up the tab and don t expect sex at the end of the night. It s called being a gentleman.

Comments by: naveed
this is a wonderful article. first dates are really perfect time to make an impression. there is precious way to send birth day gift to pakistan by this site

Comments by: Doctor Stiffwicke
Never, I aid Never bring a female a firt date gift. You are the one picking up the tab and she is the one who should be on an interview for future dates. If you give her the same type of attention that Joe average does then YOU become Joe Average to her. Take it slow and make her work for it. If she won t she is NOT the right girl for you.

Comments by: LB
I made my date rice crispy treats. It was easy, inexpensive, and what he likes. So I made a great first impression, and all it took was a simple question, What s your favorite dessert?

Comments by: R.Sandeep Kumar
Hey guys best gift to your beloved one should be extraordinary one, I let you know one of them,Just Take a paint card board,paint brush and few oil color paints and put the paint on your palm and take a print of it and also paint your beloved one palm with paint and take 2 prints on the cardboard,and just turn the print like flowers by drawing the brush down from the palm and just modify it works.

Comments by: Dee
I m headed on a blind date with a new cyber-friend. Since we haven t exchanged pictures, I wasn t sure how he would spot me in the coffee shop. Now I know...I ll be the only one there with a balloon in my hand and my computer on the table!!!

Comments by: OZO
talk to her over the phone and just drop this wow some kid just sold me some lemonheads candy It s been years since ive had them. It throw me back to when I was a kid....what candies do you love from when you had pigtales?....she tells you. buy that and then you put that candy in and old style chocolate box...I take a rose that she gets at first at the end of the date she gets the box.

Comments by: mr.e
hey wat i found out best is doesnt mattle if its your first date or asking out a girl flowers always show u care and girls always love them just what u need to do is find out or if you already know her best friend (a girl) and ask her best frind to ask her what her favorite flowers