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Hangouts for Singles

By: Jenn Malko

Places to Find SinglesOkay, we know that online dating is a great addition to the repertoire of ways that singles can find love. It’s there for us, 24/7, whenever we have a moment to slide in front of our computers and search for romantic encounters. Still, we’re not connected at all times of the day. We’re often out living life . . . in the real world where email and instant messaging can’t reach us. We also know that there are other singles out there doing the same things we are. But it’s often hard to find places where you can generate good conversation, strictly from your surroundings, and not have it seem a little odd. With this in mind, here are some examples of great places where singles can mingle outside of a bar and away from the dim glow of our computer screens.

The Bookstore: It wasn’t long ago when bookstores were small shops with tiny isles and no room for lounging about - let alone an attached coffee shop. Now big block bookstores are everywhere and they are perfect hangouts for singles. You can spend hours inside reading, eating, sipping on java or juices well past the normal hours of other businesses. Make no mistake about it; bookstores are excellent spots for romance! Everyone has a book in hand or is looking at a shelf for one. Introductions are as easy as, “hey, is that any good?” or “you wouldn’t happen to know where I can find books on managing a small personal fortune, would you?” Once the chatter starts rolling, ask them if they’d care for a drink and on you go with your new relationship.

The Grocery Store: Again, this hangout is better suited for the larger stores where shopping is an activity and not a chore. Singles eat as much as anyone and bumping carts with an attractive individual can be the start of something magical. How good are your conversation skills when it comes to what’s edible? You can end up following your interest around a store, passing and being passed as you stop and search for food. Mind you, a little too much goggling over the grapefruit pile could come off as a bit creepy. It’s better to approach fast, drop an introduction like “Hey, I guess you wouldn’t know where to find the chocolate syrup, would you?” and make your connection. With any luck, you might just get a dinner date out of it or a late-night sundae!

The Video Store: What better way to kill some free time alone than by renting movies. You know it and most other singles know it, too. That’s what makes your local video store such a great hangout for those unlucky in love. “Have you seen this movie?” is a great intro once you’ve caught the interest of someone browsing the isles. You should be able to tell right off the bat how interested they are in you. A yes or no without elaboration is bad. Better to peel off and return to fight another day. However, if the answer is longer and comes with a smile, you may want to try for a little more advice. Stranger things have happened in Hollywood than two people falling in love in a video store!

The Hobby: What is it you like to do or would you be interested in doing in your spare time? Taking dance lessons, joining a recreational sports league, a gym, church or a local card or car club will open up a whole new world for you. If you can’t find someone special there, you should at least be able to expand your circle of friends and they just might know someone who’s perfect for you!

The Charity: You will find some of the best people while volunteering at local charity organizations. These are good people who are devoted to a cause and share a similar passion. Find a cause you can get behind and jump in with both feet. Hopefully you’re doing it for the right reasons, but you never know what giving to a good cause can do for you!

The Education: The search for higher learning goes on long past the mandatory age for attendance. Schools are the ultimate meeting grounds for new connections with so much going on and so many people interacting. If you’ve ever thought about taking a course, this might be the time! Take a flip through your local community college book or public programs listings. Get enlightened and maybe meet someone special at the same time!

There are many hangouts where singles can find love away from their computer screen. All you really need to do is open your eyes to the possibilities. Look around and you might be surprised who and where eligible singles are looking back.

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