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Picking Your Profile Title

By: Jenn Malko

Writing Profile HeadlinesOnline profiles are all about advertising. Most sites will allow you to choose a picture, create your own screen name and write a few words about yourself. Some will also allow you to create a title for your profile and titles are what today’s lesson is all about.

When you search for possible matches on dating sites, you will generally get a screen that pops up with between 10 to 15 photos of people who match your search criteria. Beside those names, you usually have some brief details about that person. This small section is often your first and only chance to make an impression so the details you put there are often more important than what you include in your full profile. This is where the importance of a great title comes into play. It is usually one of the few things that are shown in this area so you need to pay particular attention to it if you hope to catch the most interest.

"People are strange and they can think weird things that might not occur to you."

Writing a great title isn’t hard but it does require a little effort. First off, you’re going to want to be creative so it stands out from the rest. This means that you should avoid clichés. How many times have you seen “Searching for Mr/Ms Right” or “Just looking”? Headlines like this suggest that the person inside is boring and unoriginal, whether they are or not. Another good way to spark interest is to ask a question or include a call to action. You’d be surprised how many people act or react to simple suggestions. You want something that will pique the interest of others and get them excited about the person that they’re about to meet so you're going to need to make an effort.

It’s also important that your title is spelled correctly. Being lax with your grammar and spelling can suggest that you’re illiterate or lack the motivation to take pride in what you do. Send your title through a word processor before you publish it. Also, never use short forms such as ‘2’ for ‘to’ or ‘U’ for ‘you’ unless the sentence just wouldn’t look proper without them. Your odds of finding the perfect match are greatly improved when you give yourself more options and perfecting every area of your profile is one of the best ways to do this.

I’ve reviewed profile titles in a couple of articles which you can see here and here. Take the comments with a grain of salt but realize that people are strange and they can think weird things that might not occur to you. One of those people might just be your perfect match so go out of your way to perfect your profile title today!


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