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Salt Lake City Dating

By: Jenn Malko

Salt Lake City DatingSalt Lake City is one of the many gems of Utah, but when it comes to dating ideas, no place shines quite as bright! If you’re single in the city and taking on the adventures of dating, you probably know that there’s as much to see and do as just about any other major urban center. Salt Lake has it’s own personal charm that makes it wonderful, but the dating ideas you’re about to create will be what really makes your next date stand out.

Salt Lake City dating ideas should begin in logical places. The city visitor’s bureau is loaded when it comes to knowing what’s worthwhile in the city. To plan the perfect date, you don’t need to do anything that costs a lot of money or reinvents the dating wheel. Ideally, what you hope to find is something that puts highlights the differences between you and the last person your date went out with. The visitor’s bureau should have ample resources to help you make this happen!

Look to Salt Lake news sources for further ideas. Online portals like Salt Lake Magazine and Salt Lake Tribune will contain a wealth of knowledge as far as what’s going on in the city. Again, you don't need to break the bank or do anything grand. You can impress your date with subtle creativity and checking out a cool exhibit or new restaurant may be all that’s required.

Check some of the listings below and see if you can come up with some of your own suggestions. If we’ve left something off our list that you think belongs, add a note at the bottom of the page. Good luck on whatever dating adventures you get up to in Salt Lake City!

Salt Lake City Dating Resource List:

Salt Lake City Visitors Bureau: What you may have overlooked for dating ideas in Salt Lake

Salt Lake Magazine: Possible place for dating ideas

Salt Lake Tribune: A look at what’s new and hot in Salt Lake City

Tracy Aviary: A fun lace to take a date

Utah’s Hogle Zoo: Go see the wild things!

Clark Planetarium: See what’s above!

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