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October 12, 2007

Give Me Some Of That Asian Beauty

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Some Of That Asian Beauty!I'm no newbie to the world of Asian dating, but I'm still not over my jealousy of oriental genetics. Take my Malaysian friend Jen. She's in her late 30s and, as is the case with most Asians, it doesn't show. In fact, I'd argue she's getting more beautiful with age since the benefits of maturity (experience, wisdom and confidence) are building up while her Asian beauty stays pretty much the same. Jen's still gorgeous.

I joke with her that us white folk have the better end of the deal. We age gradually. When we're 40, we look 40. The crow's feet are starting to show at the edges of our eyes. Our skin isn't as smooth as it was a decade ago. And things are starting to sag. With Asian people, there seems to be no middle ground. You either look young or you look old. I warn Jen that one morning she's going to wake up, look in the mirror and find an old Asian woman looking back. Just like that, she'll age 40 years over night. Goodbye, Asian beauty. Of course, Jen laughs.

It goes without saying that a large part of the reason behind my personal attraction to Asian women is their skin. Unlike my pasty-white, slightly freckled, hairy body, oriental women have perfectly-uniform, smooth, far-less hairy skin. Okay, it's not perfect (I exaggerate) but it's pretty close, especially from my perspective. Think of all the trouble white people have to go through to get a good tan. Asians have it naturally.

The second thing I love about Asian gals is their soft facial features. They don't have the strong jaw lines or pointy noses of Caucasian chicks. Even their eyes, although dark and somewhat mysterious, have a soft, calming effect.

I don't have a particular preference for one Asian nationality over another. However, I confess to relating Japanese gals to cartoon characters, in the sense that they're a lot of fun. I attribute this to the influence of Jap-animation, the colorful accessories they tote and the strong pop culture the country has embraced. Chinese females seem more reserved and introspective, although Jen would call that stereotyping.

Most importantly though, I think the fact that many Asians come from secular societies, not to mention the fact that many live in Europe and North America, makes relationships between East and West a lot easier than you think. There usually aren't the religious or cultural hang ups that can alienate a couple from each other.

The toughest part of finding the right Asian for the job is getting an Asian beauty to fall for a white guy who ages like he's supposed to. Oh well, who ever said Asian dating would be easy?

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