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Reviewed On: 7/1/2008

Price/Period: $24.95/30 days

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Reviewed by Cupids Reviews Staff

IWantU.com let’s you run the gamut from romance to alternative encounters, all under one roof. If you’re like me, I prefer to keep my options open at all times. You might be more interested in casual encounters, but someday that special someone might be lucky enough to catch your eye. Having a place where your face can land you one night or a lifetime of them is definitely a plus. The site lets you maintain your personal details in one main interface while adding specific essays to display in different areas of the site for long-term dating, casual hookups and alternative adventures. What a great chance to cover all major bases.

Once you’ve set up one, two or three profiles, depending on what interests you, you need to get yourself noticed. I mean, waiting around for someone to take notice and respond to your ad isn’t the most productive way to make connections. There are a couple of chat rooms open to everyone, including free members. You can also participate in the members' forum, which is set up like an online magazine, with tons of discussion topics and advice from fellow readers, as well as some staff writers.

"If you have someone more specific in mind for a point of contact then you can send an “I Want U” flash or simply add the profile to your hot list..."

If you have someone more specific in mind for a point of contact then you can send an “I Want U” flash or simply add the profile to your hot list, and the desired member receives an email notification of being shortlisted by you. If you want to be a little more direct in confronting the object of your unfettered desires then you'll need to upgrade in order to send and receive customized emails.

Becoming a premium member will bring you more than just full-sized profile details and email access. You can also start taking advantage of special features: Have Aphrodite (their online love goddess) update you on exciting new subscribers. Watch live webcams capturing exciting men and women who want to flaunt it and tease you. Browse through member-submitted galleries full of hot naked and suggestive photos. Play special VIP online games and be eligible to win prizes. Announce special events for other members in the VIP Parties section.

Obviously, it counts against any site not to allow free members to reply to messages from paid subscribers. Nevertheless, they've simplified their membership system. They've introduced a lower-cost option and done away with tokens, except for those who don't want to join for a monthly fee. The lower price is a promotion, so its availability can end any time.

Visit I Want U to meet the love of your life, enjoy the love of just one night or find that kinky love slave you always wanted.

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User Rating 36/100

Comments by: Martin
I joined this at least a year ago. It might work well in the USA but you have to pay to see the most basic details.In no way am i going to send card details to Puerto Rico or cash for that matter! By the way, this like some others seems to be deletion proof, at least on my machine.

Comments by: adam
Of the several sites I have tried,these guys are probably the worst. I had a 1 month membership and contacted dozens of women.None replied,which leads me to believe that most profiles are fake. I did meet one very sexy older woman.That was great. Another woman sent me a want u.I wrote her back and things were going good for a while. Later,I tried to reach her in the chat room and she sccused m

Comments by: Observer
Less than 1% of the people on this site are paid, and non-paid users cannot even read emails paid users send them. As bad a ripoff as eHarmony and that s saying something.

Comments by: TE
Not one real response but plenty of phoney responses from people outside my area who then refer you to a hotmail or yahoo address. They don t even read your profile. Very SLOW in approving profiles of photos(2-3) days. A total waste of time and money

Comments by: peter
Waste of time, borderline fraudulent. I canceled as soon as it became apparent that there were really no active female members within 100 miles of here. When I tried to contact them, their contact link was dead. They are changing me $25.66 for a service listed as $24.95 - really, for nothing. No help or faqs to explain how the site works. By far the worst adult site I have tried.

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