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Reviewed On: 5/8/2009

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Latin American Cupid makes a point to say in the banner across the top of its homepage that it is an international Latin dating site. I can't argue with that. There is definitely one feature and one limitation to the site that move it out of the realm of most local online web personals. These two characteristics shift it into the market for more global connections instead. We'll start with the good news first.

You can communicate in multiple languages without knowing more than just one. That's right. If you pay for the more expensive membership option, your email comes with a special filter that automatically translates messages, both outgoing and received. Going from or to English, Spanish and Portuguese is as easy as one, two, three. You simply make a translation selection from a dropdown menu and then you press a button.

"If you pay for the more expensive membership option, your email comes with a special filter that automatically translates messages, both outgoing and received."

That is probably what sets LatinAmericanCupid apart from most other online dating sites. It is even unique in the sense that the rare sites that do offer translation services usually charge per message. Sure, its translations are software based and they’re not as exact as paying for human translation services on other sites. However, this method is both quicker and cheaper.

The flip side of the coin, which might be a negative for some folks, is that there is no zip or postal code search. You can do basic searches of a country and a state or province. You can also narrow your broader results down to some select cities listed in a dropdown menu. Just scroll down to below the results window to find the additional filtering options. Depending on which part of the world you're searching, the list of cities varies in size and accuracy.

It is free to respond to messages, whether they come via email or instant messaging. However, to initiate contact by either method or in the chat rooms requires a paid membership. Obviously, you have the advantage of being able to reach all levels of members if you upgrade your account, which makes the chances of getting a return on your investment more likely. That's a good thing in my books. Nothing is more frustrating than when a site expects both communicating parties to pay.

One other thing makes this site truly shine. Sometimes sites like this one, which only targets a specific group of singles, doesn’t do so well at attracting members. That isn’t the case on this site. It has a good stronghold right in the middle of our popularity scale, doing a decent and consistent job at pulling folks into its pages. Latin American Cupid is popular enough and reasonably priced to make it worth joining.

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User Rating 93/100

Comments by: Churchill Etse Theophilus Dorgbe
I no im new on dis site but I believe it soon much dat Cupid s dating is gonna make tins happen n also build up mor dreams fr mor winning souls fr globally wide interest lik I ve fr u now. wnt to dats a Latin American

Comments by: loren
i want to found a latin guy because i really admire here looks very handsome thats why i wonder someday i have a latin husband...........

Comments by: Marcelo Mora
I am looking for a latin girl from Ecuador between 20 and 45, petite slender fairly educated,and ready for relocation I an 56 physician from Ecuador.

Comments by: Terry
I was a member of cupid for a while and I met many wonderful ladies. I even travelled to Colombia and had contact personally. I have tried other sites and think this is the best one with the most members.

Comments by: yudy
busco un hombre realizado, fiel, comprensivo, dulce,que me quiera y me respete..

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