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Reviewed On: 5/20/2005

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Reviewed by Cupids Reviews Staff

**THIS SITE HAS BEEN CLOSED AND REMOVED FROM OUR LISTINGS AS OF OCT 19, 2007** is a place for men to meet other men. The subscribers are asked to define themselves as either gay or bisexual. It’s a little short-sighted since normally gay sites include transsexuals and often even bicurious or even people who define themselves as straight despite looking to meet same-sex partners. However, this site is kind of simple so perhaps it’s not surprising that there aren’t additional categories for members to choose. I’ve said it many times over, the same-sex personals market it extremely competitive and unfortunately this modest entry doesn’t measure up in terms of extra content or in its sense of community. Nevertheless, this company’s other sites tend to be small and at least this one has around three thousand members, which is about a thousand more than its straight cousins.

The profiles on this site are just like the ones on all the other sites from the same company: quick to complete and covering all the basics about your appearance and your lifestyle stats. The most important aspect you can provide is the details in the freestyle write-up at the end of your description. Unfortunately, you can only see the personal essays by clicking on the individual profiles while you browse. The search option would definitely improve if we could at least see everyone’s opening line. More than on its straight counterparts, larger numbers of members have provided photos, but despite that valiant effort on the part of a minority of subscribers, I have to give the quality of profiles only 7/10. The aforementioned limitation of not seeing any part of the personalized freeform section of the profile also means the search options only receive a 7/10 as well.

Since membership numbers are lower than some competitors, you certainly need to verify if there are enough people from your specific local area to make paying worthwhile. Here, Man 2 Man Personals excels by offering more than a mere “wink” as a no charge first contact option. You get access to live chat and email features, limited but still available before upgrading from a free membership. This kind of no-holds-bared communication courtesy earns this site a 9/10 for free access.

If you make connections and feel ready to drop a dime to continue the online action then you have two options. A full membership (just under $15 US/month) will unlock unlimited access to all site services. Pay a little more for a premium subscription (about $25 US/month) and besides just the usual features being accessible all the time, you get a couple more cool tricks you can do. You can page other members live while they’re online with you -- exclusively available to premium men. Your results also become more powerful with advanced search options only for the top paying customers. If you want to have unfettered fun then upgrading let’s you do it all whenever you want to do it.

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